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There is a big difference between a "videographer" and a production professional with real industry experience who knows how to run an effective set and manage a project efficiently from start to finish.

Domenick and his team have over 30 years experience in all departments and genres of the film industry; because of this, you can guarantee your project will be done professionally and stress-free through each stage of production.


Creating the blueprint. Finding the pieces. Executing your vision.

Dom’s team does everything in-house, ahead of schedule, and at a higher quality than the industry standard.

This includes:

  • Crafting budgets

  • Writing scripts

  • Casting

  • Scouting locations

  • Developing call sheets


Implementation. On time. On budget.

Because of his industry experience, Dom understands the most efficient way to run a smooth shoot, whether it be on location or in his 6,000 square foot fully equipped studio. Gear, crew and location depend per project but wether a big commercial shoot or small music video you can trust Domenick has the resources to fit any size production or budget while maintaining Hollywood level quality.


All of the drama with none of the drama.

It takes a professional who understands rhythm and timing to create an engaging final cut. Without a master at the helm who understands the intricacies of post-production, a project may miss its mark. Where many production companies haphazardly stitch pieces of footage together, Dom and his team use their experience and skills to effectively tell a story that will engage any audience.

This includes:

  • Backing up and storing data files

  • Logging and organizing footage

  • Editing (by session if needed)

  • Music, editing, and sound mixing

  • Coloring, graphics, and special effects

  • Exporting and optimizing for platform specifics

Proficient in:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Final Cut 7

Post Production
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